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Full Disclosure Policy

         The Full Disclosure Policy is a government’s policy that requires local officials of provinces, cities, and municipalities to fully disclose particular financial transactions of the LGU to keep their constituents informed of how the LGU budget is managed, disbursed and used.

           These documents have been posted in three (3) conspicuous places:  at the 2nd Floor of the Municipal Building, at the Public Market, and at the Municipal Waterworks System Office. 






2023 Manpower Complement

2023 Report of Special Education Fund Utilization

2023 Local Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Fund Utilization

2023 Unliquidated Cash Advances

2023 Quarterly Statement of Cash Flow

2023 Trust Fund Utilization

2023 20% Component of IRA Utilization

2023 Bid Results on Civil Works, Goods & Services, & Consulting Services

Statement of Receipts and Expenditures

Statement of Indebtedness, Payments, and Balances


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