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Message of His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines

To the Municipality of Sta. Magdalena, Sorsogon
On the occasion of their Busaingan Festival

July 13, 2012

          My warmest greetings to the Municipality of Sta. Magdalena, Sorsogon, as you celebrate your Town Fiesta and the Busaingan Festival.

        Fiestas are a testament to our Christian faith, a celebration of our rich culture, and a showcase of the features that make it more fun in the Philippines. Indeed, this is an excellent opportunity for your community to uphold your pride of place, as you gather in thanksgiving for the bountiful year and fulfill your town’s goals, with the Almighty’s continued guidance. Let this event be a demonstration of your solidarity with the rest of the Filipino people in sustaining this momentum for equitable progress.

          We in government count you among our dedicated partners in pursuing our nation’s development. May you have a meaningful celebration and may you foster the spirit of bayanihan as we surmount the challenges of national transformation.




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