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Attended by Municipal Mayor-Hon. Mark Jewery G. Lozano, Vice Mayor-Hon. Ramon R. Espela, The Sangguniang Bayan Members and All Department and Section Heads of Local Government Unit of Sta. Magdalena.

Mayor Mark Jewery G. Lozano, All Department and Section Heads and the Sangguniang Bayan gathered to discuss the sectoral development goals, objectives/targets, sectoral strategies (Institutional Development Sector, Infrastructure/Physical Development Sector, Economic Development Sector, Social Development Sector, and Environmental Management Development Sector) thru the flagship program of the administration H.E.L.I.2 (Health, Education, Livelihood, Infrastructure, TWO: Tourism, Water Works System and Organizational Support), and priority legislative agenda for CY 2023-2025.

Mayor Mark Jewery G. Lozano and Vice Mayor Ramon R. Espela presented the accomplishments of their respective offices from July 2022 - December 2022.

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