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In line with the Municipal Ordinance No. 01, Series of 2023,

Subchapter 3-C On Transportation, Article 1 (Franchise and other Fees on Tricycle Operation)

SECTION 49. MOTORIZED TRICYCLE OPERATORS PERMIT. There shall be issued a Motorized Tricycle Operator’s Permit (MTOP) for every tricycle for hire operating within the territorial jurisdiction of the Municipality of Santa Magdalena.

PLEASE NOTE: THE MTOP SHALL BE VALID FOR A PERIOD OF THREE (3) YEARS unless earlier cancelled for violation of the conditions set forth therein and may be renewed for the same period upon its expiration upon compliance of the same conditions for its grant. Transfer to another place and change of ownership of unit or transfer of MTOP shall be construed as an amendment to an MTOP.

The Municipal Ordinance No. 01, Series of 2023 which was duly approved by the 11th SANGGUNIANG BAYAN during its 29th Regular Session held on February 27, 2023.

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